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"the expression of creative skill & imagination, normally in visual form like painting or sculpture, to be appreciated for their beauty or emotional power."

  1. Fleur Cowgill Fine Artist - Represented by Agora Gallery, NY Represented by Agora Gallery, NY

  2. Home Aileen M Stackhouse is an artist based in Blairgowrie, Perth and Kinross. On these pages you will find an exhibition of her work together with resume and a contact form.

  3. zoe spowage Awards: Shortlisted for British Women Artists prize 2018, Surface Gallery Prize - Residency and Exhibition in 2017, Nottingham Castle Open Main Prize overall winner 2016, Artwork selected for exhibition ‘Falmouth Fine Art London’ Peckham by artists Jesse Leroy Smith and Sacha Craddock 2013

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  5. ashar: welcome to my world My work originates from my psyche, with elements of control, I want you the viewer to feel it; not necessarily to understand it see my about page for more

  6. Stephanie Brunton - artist

  7. Angela C. Smith Sculpture Carved in Stone and Wood: Welcome Small scale, hand-carved sculpture in marble, other stones and wood.

  8. Alice Herrick Alice Herrick’s practice spans sculpture, drawing, painting, photography, performance and dance, exploring the body, sensuality, nature, systems and patterns.

  9. 1003 1003wr,, AV777

  10. ANNE RUSSELL: Exploring a wilder world where poetry and tales are made Fine art portfolio of the contemporary British artist , Anne Russell. i

  11. Jane Denman Artist Jane Denman Artist online gallery showcasing original paintings on canvas and framed prints available to buy online. Free delivery. Sign up for exclusive offers and prize draws

  12. Gallery V VOJSAVA FAKHRO

  13. Portfolio of Dianne Bowell Dianne Bowell New work portfolio from Dianne Bowell, including Painting, ink art, heart paintings, game of thrones art, portrait painting, contemporary female artist.

  14. Home - Frickleton Fine Art - Art Curators and Consultancy Art curatorship and corporate art consultancy. We specialise in providing fine art to offices of all sizes from our pool of artists.

  15. Sadie Memphis Hennessy The online portfolio of Sadie Memphis Hennessy.

  16. Chrissy Guest #sussexabstractpainting My paintings are a search more than a journey. The journey began but won`t end

  17. ANTONIA THOMPSON - Artist Antonia Thompson - Abstract Expressionist Landscape Painter Abstract paintings

  18. Art The expression or application of human creative skill and imagination.

  19. Cait Sweeney - home Decorating Art and Designfrom conception to completion. An interactive installation exploring how everyday objects can begin to reveal a narrative by Cait Sweeney.

  20. British Women Artists Contemporay, 2008-2019, Fine Art, Archive, Womens Art, Sculpture, PaintingPrint, Animation, Installation Founded in 2008 by JoWonder and Peter Blue

  21. Pauline Jones Pauline Jones - A painter

  22. International artist: Hilary Rosen Ma RCA Hilary Rosen exhibits internationally. She works in oils, watercolours, drawings, lino cuts & more. She recently added works produced as monoprints to her portfolio. Figurative subject matter & medium is of equal importance.

  23. Profile could not be found Axisweb: Contemporary Art UK Network

  24. Fionn Wilson Painter Fionn Wilson's web site

  25. Liz Aggiss Liz Aggiss is an un-disciplined artist with an un-disciplined body of work.

  26. Belleart Website Over the yearsI have moved from highly representational watercolour still life to abstract expressionism in oils, as I continuously try to evolve and refine my work, and to find my place as a contemporary artist.

  27. Sarah Shaw - Home Sarah graduated from Falmouth College of Art in 2001. Her work has been purchased by private collectors in the UK & abroad, & resides in many private collections, including Rolling Stone, Ronnie Wood. She works from her studio in Brighton.

  28. R A C H E L T H O M S O N - home R A C H E L T H O M S O N

  29. Tracie Peisley - Artist Peisleys work is intense, highly charged with an emotional content that relates to the everyday drama of existing.

  30. Clare Carswell Clare Carswell, UK artist

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